Sakhi, is a Non-Profit Organisation which works in the interest of women from the weaker section of the society, giving them vocational training in handicrafts with an objective of empowering women to live a respectable life with sufficient earning..

Sakhi trains 20 women at a time which are paid on monthly basis based on the outputs produced by these women.

Sakhi provides these women with orders from the market at a per piece profit. This helps the women to earn while an ongoing training and helps them receive feedback on how to better their work at the same time.

Sakhi also conducts extra curricular activity classes for under privileged children where they are taught yoga, aerobics and dance.

We are also actively involved with the organization “FRIENDS OF TRIBAL SOCIETY” which aims at starting schools for the under privileged in tribal areas of India.

Contact info

Mrs. Anita Garg
Tel. : +91 98250 50506

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