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Mr. Jagdish Prasad Garg

Mr. Jagdish Prasad Garg is the Group Chairman of Tribeni Group Of Companies. Mr. Jagdish hails from a small village of Haryana. He commenced the business in the year 1985 with an objective to establish a business practice that will create benchmarks.

Mr. Garg believes in overcoming obstacles through hard work and determination. He is known for his exemplary team spirit, influential leadership and strong ethics. He is a risk taker and has achieved success with mere conviction helping our group reach exemplary heights.

Our team knows him as a polite, self disciplined, humble and determined person. He has named the business after his mother Mrs. Tribeni Ramkrishna Garg and maintains that it is with her grace and blessing that our business practice has come so far

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Mr. Radhe Shyam Garg

Mr. Radhe Shyam Garg is the Managing Director of Tribeni Processors, Tribeni Fiber Pvt. Ltd. , and Artisian and Nirman Studio.

Mr. Garg went to Kolkata in 1979 and completed Graduation in 1984. He started his career by working in a reputed Chartered Accountancy firm. In 1988, he joined the Tribeni business group to practice under his brothers powerful guidance.

He is a keen learner, who is both charming and charismatic and is known for his willingness and determination to create work that will benefit his company. He is an excellent orator who has inspired our staff and clients by sharing insights from his experience.

Since childhood he has displayed a keen interest in working with and towards the upliftment of Tribals of India, especially within the domain of education.

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Mr. Abhinav Garg

Mr. Abhinav Garg is the Group Director in Tribeni Group of Companies. He has completed his post graduation from S.P.Jain institute of Management and Studies. Under the guidance of his father Mr. Jagdish Prasad Garg, he joined the business at a very young age. He believes that strength and growth can only come through continuous efforts and struggle.

Mr. Abhinav Garg is an extrovert and has a dynamic persona. He is a self confident and hard working man who fulfills all his commitment dutifully. At such an early stage, he has achieved great success by making a mark in the industry by exposing the organization to other parts of the world.

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Mr. Sashikant Tiwari

Mr. Shashikant Tiwari is the Managing Director of Tribeni Processors Pvt. Ltd. and Artisan & Nirman Studios.

Mr. Tiwari graduated in 1989 and started his career as a process manager and quality control in textile.

He worked hard and polished his skill and knowledge to realize his vision of one day starting his own textile business. In 1998, he started Tribeni Processors Pvt. Ltd. with Mr. Radhe Shyam Garg and became a part of Tribeni Group.

He is an excellent leader and visionary who knows how to bring out the best in his employees and in people around him.

Mr. Jitendra Gupta

Mr. Jitendra Gupta is the Managing Director of JK Express. He has an extensive background expertise in Logistics and has serviced large scale operations to his clients. Mr. Gupta commenced operations in Gujarat in 2001.Owning to his experience and marketing expertise he has been able to transform the logistics company to this position today.

Mr. Jitendra has traveled every corner of Gujarat so as to understand the cultural aspect for successful transactions.He believes that one can only succeed if he consistently delivers, strategizes, manages the operational goals by delivering the best quality and productivity and adapting to new market situations.

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Mr. Kapil Gupta

Mr. Kapil Gupta is the Managing Director of JK Express. He was born and brought up in a village in Haryana. After completing his graduation he figured out that his ambitions could not be fulfilled in Haryana, therefore he moved out to Mumbai and joined his brother Mr. Jitendra Gupta in the business.

He has been transforming JK Express into a consistently profitable position, broadening the clientele and propelling it into leadership position in the Logistic Industry in Gujarat. due to his tremendous capabilities and his foresight he has become the backbone of the company.

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